Black Cube - Cleanse + Shampoo Black Cube MINI 40g / Standard 120g This all-in-one ph balanced Cleanse + Shampoo Cube combines multi-cleansing functions for face, body and hair with Actives Product #: suk-Black Cube - Cleanse + Shampoo 2024-11-30 Regular price: $GBP$10.0 Available from: SUK.In stock [28/5 22:50] piglee: Black Cube When I was little, I was told to use normal soap for a shower. Then my skin went very dry over the years, it put me off totally to use soap again. However, when I heard about SUK. Black Cube, I decided to have a go and tried it. Wow, it has changed my mind about using soap. I feel my skin very much hydrated and softened after using the Black Cube the first time. So does my hair I feel that it has made it easier to comb & maintain afterward, not feel dry at all! I definitely would carry on using this. thank you SUK😍 I have also ordered some for my family too! [28/5 22:56] piglee: my sister's comment : I am a busy working woman, I need simple but unique skincare products, I knew Suk's Black Cube through a friend's recommendation. Two days ago I received my second Black Cube ! this time I ordered a big piece. I use it from head to feet😊I wash my face with Black Cube, I feel soft ! I wash my hair with Black Cube, it nourish my hair, no need to have hair conditioner. After bathing, my body feel fresh, it is a wonderful skincare product ! It is highly appreciated If there is an elegant towel packed with the Black Cube. [28/5 22:59] piglee: My brother's comment: The product has a healing smell and smooth texture when applied to body and face wash. I like this product and would continue to purchase it as my regular soap 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0